What is Clash of Kings? New TOP grossing game

Brief description of the game

Clash of Kings is a strategy game that will bring you into another word. You will see a story that will be a reality for you because of its graphics and characters. Dragons will be the ones that will make you feel as you are into another world. You can build your own empire and be a king, so you can build your story and live it at maximum intensity. This clash of kings’ game will make you feel like you really are a king. If you do not make the right decision, you will be brought down by other players. Instead of making the right decisions you could easily conquer others with our Clash of Kings unlimited resources generator. Make alliances and be a good king that listens to his friends. Only in this way you can keep your throne and lead the army to win battles.

In the beginning you will be trained by a demo. You will learn how you place buildings, what they are for, how you can upgrade them, how you make an army, how you train your army, what for you use each resource and what is the most important building in the game and why.

What is doing each building and how much kind of troops you have in the army you will find in time. For now, it is important to understand how the game works.

Let’s take things from the beginning.

When you first open the game, Agatha (a character) will give you the necessary information to start playing. In this way you find that you (your characters) are a Lord and you need to prepare quickly for the battle.

The first thing you have to do is to build a Sawmill. A Sawmill is a building that processing the wood. Wood is essential for your empire, without it you can’t build anything. Get free gold for a faster creation of your buildings.

Next, you can see your empire but it isn’t developed enough. A sword will indicate you what to do and where to click. It will show you two options: Battle and Troops and Alliances. When your cursor is on Battle and Troops Agatha will tell you that your empire isn’t developed enough for it and that you need two more farms and 2 more Sawmills. The cursor is an ax. You can skip the guide if you want to, but our advice is to not doing it.

The next step is to click on an available place to build a Sawmill. On the screen you can see how much wood you have, hoe many gold, how much power you have and emails.

The next step is to build a Farm that will increase your power with one point. If you want to upgrade your army for the beginning you can enter your empire and click on Stables. What you have available for now is Rider. You can upgrade it if you want to. The Light Cavalry, Heavy Cavalry and the Archer aren’t available for now. It will take a few minutes for Clash of Kings stables’ to upgrade and you need money for it. Money which you can generate with our Clash of Kings hack, available now online for everybody!

Clash of Kings is a game you need to play because what we presented is jsut the beginning. After you learn everything about it, the game will be funnier.

Clash of Clans base building tutorial and tips

Clash of Clans is a very beautiful and attractive game, but you need an analytical mind to organize your town strategic. You need to know where to put your defensive buildings, your resources buildings, your army buildings and so on.

Even if these buildings are the most important for your town, there are other kinds of buildings that are necessary for your town and game. You tend to not pay attention to them because they seem unimportant, but we will tell you why it is necessary to not omit them, just as the Clash of Clans hack is worth having a look at, so are these buildings.

Clash of Clans is a complex game that needs a lot of information and strategies to be played well. So, a real gamer will organize everything in his mind. These buildings have many functions even if they tend to seem like they are nothing.


Obstacles are important because they can stop for a moment the enemies’ team to destroy your town. They can actions as a scout for your town. You can find many types of obstacles: mushroom, brush, three types of trunk, three types of tree, five types of stone, two types of tombstone and a gem box.


When you first start playing, you will see a number of 40 obstacles around your town.  They can be an obstacle, how its name says when you want to place a building in the place where the obstacles are.  Why? Well, because you can’t place a building in the place where you have obstacles.

You can remove these obstacles with one Builder. You also need to have available a little amount of gold or elixir. You will need gold for rocks and elixir for vegetation, using the Clash of Clans cheats can help you fulfill this task sooner and without any hassle.


Tips for buildings: when you want to build something, you will need builders for it. But, you have a limited number of builders, so you can construct only a limited number of buildings in the same time. The most important thing is to think a lot before construct something because it can takes a while and if you need faster other construction you can ruin your town in just a second. They stay in the Builder’s Hut and you can upgrade them to build faster and also you can upgrade the building to make more builders.


You can gain some gems if you remove obstacles. If you really need some gems you can remove your obstacles. You can win a number of gems between 0 and 6, though this doesn’t really matter that much when you’re using the Clash of Clans hack or buying those gems. Your vegetation will respawn at a specific time only if you have enough free space. Here is an exception: rocks will not respawn.

Well, another nice thing is that you can cancel a removing if you want so. But only before your builder finish the removing. You will receive back all the resources spent of removing. Also, you can win a trophy if you remove all the obstacles. You can have more than 40 obstacles only if you build some holiday/special obstacles.

In conclusion,  obstacles are important for your town too, even if they are not so important as other buildings.

For gamers everywhere: a new game, Clash Royale

Your family has called you a “gamer”? Every time your friends call you are playing? You are always sticking around playing on your phone? Then you are a real gamer. So, you must have heard about the new strategy game, Clash Royale, haven’t you? If you did, you may have heard about Clash Royale triches that are available from day 1 of the game release!

It is a mobile strategy game for both IOS and Android platforms, published by Supercell, a video game company with its base in Helsinki, Finland. What is so special about Clash Royale that you won’t be able to pause it? Well, gamers are supposed to collect and upgrade cards of different powers. As it seems a lot with Clash of Clans, the cards are based on characters taken from its universe. What feeds the players’ desire to collect more cards is that they are unique and have such power that they will immediately destroy the enemies’ towers.

Based on their value, cards are divided into common, rare and epic. While epic cards are both the most valuable and the hardest to come by, common ones are easily found and cost less. These cards are not only used in battles so as to raise one’s power, but they are also used in clans for donations. Why is it necessary to donate cards? Because in this way you help your clan-mates and receive Gold and XP – you surely know that a good intention is always rewarded.  With the XP and Gold given, you can level up, build your Crown Tower stronger, start battles and buy cards.

clash royale hands on

There have been raised many questions whether Clash Royale is Clash of Clan 2, due to their similarity. Well, there is nothing like that. Although both are produced by Supercell, they are designed and developed as separate games by two different teams. The only thing that is common is the way those can be hacked. Clash Royale Hack is as succesfull as Clash of Clans hacks that are everywhere, make sure to give it a try if you want to be at the top of the game! Get it here: https://fr.hivegaming.net/

What is best about Clash Royale is that there have been some improvements in what concerns offensive language and bad attitude. Offenders can be easily dismissed only by sending two screenshots – one of the rude comments they have left in your Clan Chat and one of their profile pages. You don’t know where to send them? Well, in the right corner of the page there is a button (“Settings”) from which you choose “Help and Support” and that’s all.

All in all, I hope I have helped you one way or another and that you will give Clash Royale a try sometime. I can assure you that you won’t regret playing it, because it is not only entertaining, but it also helps gamers polish up some skills.

Can you actually hack Clash Royale?

The most popular game among teenagers is about collecting cards, upgrading them and fighting against other players. Boring as it may seem, Clash Royale is in the fact the best mobile game when it comes to putting your mind at try – not only do you spend your time in an entertaining way, but you also polish up your strategic and logic skills.

Clash Royale Gameplay

Clash Royale vs Clash of Clans

In spite of the fact that it is developed by Supercell, the same company which created Clash of Clans, these two games have nothing in common. Yes, they are similar to a certain extent, but there is no such thing as being developers who work in both teams.

When it comes to the game’s particularities, there should be mentioned the magic objects, the Arenas, the Battle Decks, trophies and the Training Camp. One of the magic objects is the Mirror, which can be unlocked only at Arena 5 and has the power to repeat your last played card. Not only does it copy the strength of the cards, but it can also create reflections which may be stronger even than the original. If you constantly upgrade the Mirror, it will become more powerful and will help you easily defeat your opponent.

Likewise, you can take part in tournaments that last approximately for three minutes or you can organize your own tournament. Yet, you have to take into account some rules before doing this – Friendly Battles are now using the all-new “Tournament Standard” level caps, which are King & Crown Towers 8, Common Cards 8, Epics 3 and Rares 6. The last three have been chosen because it would take almost two or three months of playing to get the bunch of cards required without paying anything. It is the necessary amount of time someone needs to get a solid understanding of the game and to decide whether or not they are ready to move into the realm of competitive tournaments and pay with real money for cards, gold or Gems.

Clash Royale Hack

Let’s now talk about the one thing that rules this game, besides real money, the Clash Royale hack, something that not many have access to but they wish they would. We would like to share with you our experience regarding Clash Royale hacks and cheats, such as generators that grant unlimited gems or gold on use, first we want to confirm that these things indeed exist but can be difficult to find. One such Clash Royale hack can be found over here: astucesclashroyale.com among instructions on how to use it. this thing can grant you all the gems you’ll ever need, as one would say, it can set you for life, check it out if you’re interested in such things.

Clash Royale Hack

When it comes to currency, the game has two forms – gold or gems. You can either buy gems using real world money or earn them when you accomplish an in-game achievement. Available payment methods differ for IOS and Android. IOS accepts credit cards, content codes, PayPal, PayEase, ClickandBuy, iTunes cards or iTunes Store gift certificates, whereas Android has a smaller variety of payment methods. It accepts only PayPal, prepaid or gift cards, direct carrier billing and credit cards, because it depends on Google Play to process all purchases made via in-game Shop. Likewise, you can earn gold when you donate cards to your clan members and when you open a chest. What are they used for? Well, gems are used for purchasing chests and gold, whereas gold is used for cards to be upgraded to higher levels. What is more is that there is an in-game shop, where players can buy three random cards of each type by paying with gold.

All in all, I advise you to try Clash Royale, because it is a game that both gives addiction and helps you strengthen your skills, and if you feel like spending money on the game, cause you’ll probably will because of how good it is, just remember, there are plenty of Clash Royale Hacks out there so think twice before spending money instead of using them because the money you’ll spend on the game won’t be ever recovered.

Clash Royale – Your new favorite Supercell game

Clash Royale – the new Clash of Clans?

Are you a real gamer? Do you spend more than half a day in front of your laptop playing online games? Are you called a phone-addict by your friends and family because you don’t let in down? Then yes, you are a true gamer.

I will present you the most popular game at the moment – Clash Royale. It is a mobile strategy game developed by Supercell, a company that has its base in Helsinki, Finland. What is best about this strategy game is that there have been released versions both for IOS and Android platforms.

In order to gain more experience and gold, gamers should collect cards, which will help them destroy their enemies’ towers and win the fights, consequently. You can choose among six Arenas – Barbarian Bowl, Goblin Stadium, Bone Pit, Spell Valley, Royal Arena and P.E.K.K.A.’s Playhouse – and start a battle whenever you feel prepared and armed with powerful cards. All you have to do to gain experience and to progress is to earn trophies, which are calculated in report with the amount of trophies of your opponent. If you win against a player who has more trophies than you, you receive a great amount, but if you lose against an enemy with fewer trophies than you, you will lose a huge amount.

The key point while fighting in the Arenas is to gain experience because it will help you level up quicker. Why is it important? Because each and every level bring more damage to the opponents’ towers. . If you do not have enough experience points, you can earn them by upgrading your cards or by donating them to the members of your clan. Yet, if you are out of cards, be patient and do not lose your temper, because every eight hours you can make a request for them and be given ten common cards or only one rare card.For those who choose to donate cards to their clan members, I would like to make a statement – you can only give up two cards at a time.

Clash Royale is one of those games that ask for a lot of money, and I really mean that, there are players who spent over $30 000 dollars in order to be in the top 10, and with the huge player database and players from all around the world, the competition is very strong. But there is one solution to this problem, and no, it won’t ask you to spend $30 000, it is germans that search more and more for this solution, if you check google.de you’ll find out that sitting at the top of the searches for Clash Royale is what people needs the most, and that’s Clash Royale hack deutsch, there’s nothing that can help you more in this game than a proper working hack to generate unlimited gems without spending fiver numbers, germans are also frequently searching for Clash Royale cheats deutsch, which is just another term for that unlimited gems method, but we’ll talk more at the end of this article.

When it comes to clans, everyone is able to join or create one, but only when they have reached Level 3. When you see that you have reached this level, tap the Clan tab from where you can choose whether  you want to create or search a clan. Yet, you have to bear in mind the fact that once you leave a clan, you can no longer return and you can’t immediately join another one, because the system needs some time to recognize the changes. There’s the alternative where a player has been kicked out of a clan due to his badly behavior or his disobedience to the rules imposed by the leader – he or she are not able to rejoin the clan or to join another one without receiving a special invitation from the leader. In order for a player to get this kind of invitation, he or she has to send an invite request, which is available only one at a time. Besides this you can always use a Clash Royale hack tool from: https://www.hivegaming.net/ that will allow you to surpass this annoying thing it has.

Hacking Clash Royale

Clash Royale Hack

So, as I promised, we’ll now talk a bit about the Clash Royale Hack as well, using it you can take your Clash Royale account to the next level and get to fare against the best of the best, you’ll no longer be stuck in the low league waiting for that Super Magical Chest to drop, you’ll go straight to top 100 where all the fun is, where all you have to do is enjoy the game, no more cards grinding and such, so yea, use it and enjoy the game like never before! Go to this website to access the generator: https://de.hivegaming.net/

Mortal Kombat X – Are you ready to break some bones?

The “Mortal Kombat” series is among us long ago, many of these types of games are inspired by the legendary series that defined a generation of players. The studio has now offered us “Mortal Combat X”, a new generation experience that brings many classic elements combined with new characters, fresh mechanical games and a lot of improvements.

The game action is set 25 years after the previous game; the developers have been able to bring some old characters and new fighters also. The light is put on the Cage family, in which Johnny Cage and Sonya Blade has a little girl named Cassie.

With the growth of Cassie, the story is fairly well understood by players, although it does not fit well with the story with which players were used. We have many things that we have struggles for supremacy of the residents as well as citizens of the Earth looking to defend its lands, placing the foundation for the struggles of the future. Although it is not the best story, Mortal Kombat X has an interesting journey that helps newcomers to the series to easily learn the universe of the game.

Mortal Kombat X Fatality

The game also features many additions such as new fighters, new movements and so, on with a single system for each fighter, for greater uniqueness. Each fighter has the same set of moves and abilities. You have 24 characters available, each of them with 3 types of movements and variations facilities. The single-player mode lasts a few hours, depending on experience and skills of each player. But there are also additional content, offering a lot of provocations coming by rotation. Additional game modes, such as “Test your luck” throw you in new battles and new provocations for testing your skills.

The game also has the system “Faction Way”, which provides motivation for the players. At first you will choose a faction, and in every finite action, will bring you to the end of the week, a provocation. The faction that wins will receive different rewards. The Krypt mechanical are also presented in the game, this time being embodied in an experience at the first person, which allows players to use coins to unlock new rewards.

Also, players have available the multiplayer mode online for really challenging competitions, competing against other players of the whole world, against too easy and impossible competitions against the true veterans of the series.

Regarding the graphics, Mortal Kombat X is pretty good. The characters and the battle scenes have many details. The soundtracks are decent, and complement the activities of the monitor. Mortal Kombat X also has the many battles in which offers considerable attention. In the game you have two main options: either you lose disappointingly, either you win by an extraordinary gameplay.